Land Rover Discovery Sport Stingray Side Steps

Land Rover Discovery Sport Stingray Side Steps
Land Rover Discovery Sport Stingray Side Steps
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From our City range these are the Stingray side steps packed with features well suited for your executive needs. The outstanding feature of the City range is the curved side wall, this contours both horizontally and vertically. Without doubt thse side steps are the top of the range, hugely enhancing the overall look of your Land Rover Discovery Sport .
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Land Rover Discovery Sport 'Stingray' Side Steps!

From our City range we offer the Stingray side steps, designed for the connoisseur, providing both quality and practicality.

Benefits and Features:

  • The Land Rover Discovery Sport Stingray side steps are the pinnacle in side step styling.
  • Contouring both horizontally and vertically the rounded side wall is an outstanding feature of the City range. In high grade stainless steel with a bright, hand polished mirror finish this really complements your vehicle.
  • The key elements of these side steps is the mirror like finish on the side wall and the ABS neoprene (neoprene is a rubber like material that will not perish over time) strips which enhance the overall look and provide extra grip
  • The steps will hugely enhance the overall look of your Land Rover Discovery Sport you'll be the envy of the country club!
  • They can reduce the amount of debris and 'muck' thrown up from the wheels whilst driving and may even help reduce damage from other car doors or golf trollies.
  • The side step gives a sturdy 4.5 inch (114mm) wide platform so you can easily reach the roof for cleaning or to reach a roof rack, etc.
  • The sub-base is an extruded box section of anodised aluminium giving a light but strong structure.
  • The heavy duty brackets have undergone a 2 stage process of black powder coating the Q235A grade steel (genuine powder coated and not just spray painted) for a longer life.


  • These Stingray side steps will fit all the Land Rover Discovery Sport  models from 2014 onwards.
  • There is no need for drilling or taking up the carpets from the foot-wells, the brackets fit to existing mounting points accessed under the vehicle.
  • This is a complete kit :-  2 steps (a pair), a full set of brackets and all the fixings

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